A few samples of marketing or educational designs produced by Edward Feldman Graphic Designer. Click links for examples and details.
Image of Edward Feldman, Edward Alan Feldman, Ed Feldman
Edward Feldman has a BA in Graphic Design from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Helping clients communicate and grow their businesses, he has a wealth of experience across various domains, including:​​​​​​​
1. Print Graphics
Crafting visually appealing designs for promotional and informational brochures, signage, posters, and other related printed materials.
2. Technical Illustration:
Creating clear and informative visual representations.
3. Sales Collateral:
Designing materials that support sales efforts.
4. Logos and Branding:
Developing memorable brand identities.
5. CPG Packaging and Labels:
Crafting eye-catching packaging and labels for consumer goods.
6. Trade Show Graphics:
Designing impactful graphic content for exhibitions.
7. Photography:
Incorporating visual elements into design.
8. PowerPoint:
Enhancing presentations with compelling visuals.
9. Web Graphics:
Creating engaging online content.
10. Product Labels:
Ensuring product information is well-presented.
11. Collaboration:
Working closely with art directors, designers, and writers.
12. Digital Production:
Managing all phases of design, from concept to execution.
13. Press-Ready Files:
Preparing files for printing based on specifications.
14. Adaptability:
Comfortable working on-site, remotely, or independently.
15. Attention to Detail:
Organized and meticulous in meeting deadlines and budgets.
16. Typography and Color:
Proficient in using these essential design elements.
17. Software Proficiency:
Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat) and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on both Apple and Windows platforms.
18. Passion for Craft:
A solid commitment to the art of design.
19. Collaborative Nature:
Thriving in team environments.
20. Interpersonal Skills:
Effective communication and relationship-building.
21. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:
Tackling design challenges with creativity and resourcefulness.